EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY Graduate School of <br>International StudiesEWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY Graduate School of <br>International Studies

About Gsis

Ewha GSIS educates global leaders and experts for the global society that we have today. With a distinct curriculum that integrates theory and practice, it seeks to provide its students the knowledge and skills necessary to become an active and productive part of society, locally and internationally, and to be engaged in industries and organizations in both the public and private sectors.

With an excellent faculty consisting of experts from different major fields and research interests in International Studies (with four concentrations: International Relations, Development Cooperation, International Business, and International Trade) and Korean Studies (with two major tracks: Korean Culture and Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language), Ewha GSIS provides an exceptional opportunity for its students to be engaged in a wide variety of global issues and topics that are of relevance today and the future ahead.

The student body consists of bright, energetic, and engaged students from over 70 countries around the world who foster an inclusive environment in formal and informal learning.

Ewha GSIS continues to maintain its renowned name as a leading graduate school for International Studies and will continue to train women leaders today for the future of tomorrow.

History of GSIS

Deans at GSIS
  1. Jang-Hee Yoo(1997.2.1.~2005.1.31.)
  2. Eun Mee Kim(2005.2.1.~2007.1.31.)
  3. Byung-il Choi(2007.2.1.~2011.1.31.)
  4. Eun Mee Kim(2011.2.1.~2017.7.31.)
  5. Young-Hoon Kim(2017.8.1.~2019.7.31.)
  6. Inpyo Lee(2019.8.1.~2021.7.31.)
  7. Brendan M. Howe(2021.8.1.~ )
Timeline of GSIS
  1. FEBRUARY 2015

    Given the increasing global demand for academic research about Korea and the different facets of its society, an undergraduate program in Global Korean Studies was established in 2015. As an interdisciplinary field of study, the students are presented with an inclusive yet unique curriculum, which focuses on a multi-layered approach to studying Korean society. Expanding the effort to cultivate global leaders has provided GSIS the advantage of being one of the best graduate schools of International Studies in the country.

  2. MARCH 2006

    Originally established in 1982 as a part of Ewha's academic graduate degree program, the Korean Studies program became a part of the GSIS in 2006. Acknowledging the increasing popularity and significance of Korea's culture and heritage, the merger of the program into GSIS is a great step forward to offering a more diverse experience and wider perspectives for the students.

  3. MARCH 1997

    The Graduate School of International Studies(GSIS) at Ewha Womans University was established with the aim to produce the finest global leaders for the 21st century. The Korean government awarded Ewha a five-year grant to establish a graduate school in International Studies that would help provide the intellectual breadth and professional development necessary to successfully help and guide women into the international arena.




Ewha Womans University is one of the largest women’s universities in the world and GSIS, in particular, has a proven track record of producing global women leaders worldwide. The university is consistently included and ranked as one of the top institutions for research and education worldwide.


Ewha GSIS is one of the first graduate schools for International Studies in the country and is known as a pioneer in the field of development studies. In addition, the Korea Ministry of Education has classified Ewha GSIS as the 1st and the best out of all the GSIS programs in the country.


Ewha GSIS is committed to achieving excellence at every level, including in-class lectures, seminars and workshops from well-known local and international guests, domestic and international internships, and intensive language and professional training courses. Combined with a low student-to-faculty ratio, this allows students to access resources and receive individual attention from both the faculty and department to maximize each one’s growth and development.


Ewha GSIS emphasizes the interplay between theory and practice, and therefore provides its students with both the capacity of building a basic foundation of their chosen program and applying knowledge and skills in practice for the analysis of different international issues and topics.


Ewha GSIS is the only school in South Korea with a dual M.I.S. degree program with the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University (Washington, D.C.). After completing three semesters at Ewha GSIS and two semesters at the Elliott School, students receive two Master’s Degrees in International Studies.


Ewha GSIS is comprised of a truly global body; not only of students but of its faculty as well. The most brilliant academe and women leaders from more than 70 countries come together and contribute to the diverse and inclusive international character of Ewha GSIS.

GSIS Self-Assessment Report (대학원 자체평가 보고서)