EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY Graduate School of <br>International StudiesEWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY Graduate School of <br>International Studies


GSIS Facilities

PC Lab (IEB 901)

The PC Lab located on the 9th floor of the IEB Building (IEB901) is free to be accessed by students within working hours (9am to 5pm). Services such as surfing the internet and accessing programs like MS office and statistics program including STATA and SPSS etc. are all available in the laboratory as well as photocopying and printing for a minimum fee.

IEB Lounge

The IEB Lounge, located on the 2nd floor of the IEB Building has over 12 study desks and 6 round tables. It provides a venue for students to get together or study as they please within the same grounds of the classrooms for easy access and close proximity.

Univeristy Facilities

Central Library

Built in 1986 for the school’s centennial anniversary, the six-story facility contains about 1.5 million books, 10,000 periodicals, 26,000 electronic journals and 110,000 units of microfiche. With a seating capacity of over 4,000 persons, it is spacious enough to accommodate a quarter of Ewha’s entire class at one time.


Located at the basement of the Centennial Library, the Study Rooms operate 24 hours a day, with an 11pm - 5am no entry, no exit policy in order to maintain the safety of the students inside the facility. Divided in two areas, such as the laptop area and the reading area, students are able to focus on their tasks depending on their needs by providing venues for students to have a friendly environment for studying.

University Health Service Center (Ecology Building / Alumnae Building B1)

Located on the B1 Floor of the Human Ecology Building, the University Health Center offers different kinds of assistance such as dental services, clinical examination consultations, vaccination services, etc. for a minimum fee to all students of Ewha Womans University.


The Ehwa Campus Complext (ECC) is the largest multi-purpose educational underground campus in Korea. The building has various facilities for students such as study-rooms, seminar rooms, a multi-purpose exhibition hall, a global zone, a student service center, a cinema, a concert hall, a cafeteria, a fitness center, and a parking lot with a capacity of 750 vehicles.

IT Service Center (ECC B205)

The IT One-Stop Service Center located at B2 Floor of the ECC (B205) is open to students who have IT enquiries and have requests on troubleshooting devices. Rental services for laptops is also available as well as multimedia IT equipment such as scanners, webcams, video editors, and DVD/VTR Combos.

Copy Center

The Copying and Print Center is located at the B4 Floor of the ECC (B419). Students are able to photocopy and print in various sizes and options as well as request for copies of journals, essays and assigned readings from the professors.

Post Office

The post office is located on the B1 Level of the Human Ecology Building. The campus post office provides general mailing services, including mail, parcel, registration, domestic/international EMS, and certain banking services like deposit, savings, insurance services, payment for housing bills, sending overseas remittance service, internet banking, phone banking and mobile banking.

Sports Facilities

On Ewha Campus, there are various sports facilities that students can use for free or for a low fee such as the indoor swimming pool, the fitness center that offers yoga, jazz dance, and sports dance class, tennis courts, squash courts, a gymnasium and an indoor driving range.

For more information, please visit http://ewhasports.ewha.ac.kr