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  • Position  Department Chair / On-campus Adjunct Professor / Associate Professor of Global Korean Studies
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. Princeton University
  • Research Interests  Korean Intellectual History, Cultural History
  • Major Fields  East Asian Studies (Korean History, the 19th and 20th centuries)
  • Office and office hours  02-3277-6709, office hour (by email appointment)
  • Homepage  http://www.ewha.ac.kr/ewhaen/academics/gsis_prof.do?mode=view&pId=DEfQhoGlW%2FgKj6Qkd6rWmg%3D%3D
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    Sang-ho Ro writes a history that examines the evolution of Korean intellectual tradition and philosophy in the late Choson period and the twentieth century. His latest monograph is a forthcoming book, Neo-Confucianism and Science in Korea: Humanity and Nature, 1706-1814 (Routledge, forthcoming). In the book, he analyzes the intellectual dynamism that Neo-Confucianism and Western science brought in Korean epistemology. He highlights how Korean intellectuals in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries reformed Neo-Confucian rationalism with a new method of empiricism. Also, he contributed to two edited books; Myongdong kilgori munhwasa (Han''gukhak chungang yon''guwon ch''ulp''anbu, 2019) in Korean and Kanryu Nichiryu (Bensei shuppan, 2014) in Japanese. In the books, he worked on inter-connectedness of Korea and her neighbors, China and Japan, in intellectual tradition and daily experience. And, his other articles cover broad topics from the history of science and technology to the history of ethnic and cultural minorities in Korea.
    He has taught undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on East Asian history and culture at Ewha. He is preparing another monograph on how modern science and technology changed Korea in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He will continue to research the global connection between Korea and the outside world in early modern and modern history.     
  • Position  Assistant Professor
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. The University of British Columbia
  • Research Interests  Cultural Representation, East Asian Culture and Society, Museums Studies, Commemoration and Politics of Memory, Postcolonial Studies, Nationalism
  • Office and office hours  #603-4 International Education Building (by appointment) +82-2-3277-2113
  • Position  Professor
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. University of Southern California
  • Research Interests  Cultural Anthropology, Korean Studies, Visual anthropology
  • Major Fields  Korean Studies, Korean cultural studies
  • Office and office hours  Humanities Building #508 02-3277-3335 Office hours 월 10-11시, 수 10-13시
  • Homepage  http://www.ewha.ac.kr/ewhaen/academics/gsis_prof.do?mode=view&pId=FrGydvrInXUXbCULHWiG%2Bw%3D%3D
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    KIM Young Hoon is Professor and Chair of Department of Korean Studies at the Graduate School of International Studies and the Director of the Research Institute of Korean Culture at Ewha Womans University (Seoul, Korea). KIM Young Hoon is a cultural anthropologist, conducting research in the visual representation of Korea, Korean Aesthetics, and various issues in Contemporary Korean culture. He received his Ph.D in anthropology from University Southern California(USC). With unique combination of academic backgrounds of cultural and visual anthropology, he has been carrying out both writing and producing visual works on the various issues of Korean culture.. Before joining Ewha Womans University, he worked at the National Research Institute of Cultural Properties and was responsible for the documentary series on Korean Intangible Cultural Properties from 1997 to 1999. His own film works includes Vegas Bliss (1996), Yong Su Han, A North Korean Defector (1997), and others. He is the author of From Dolmen Tombs to Heaven’s Gate (2013) Culture and Image (2002) and has published articles in the areas of Korean cultural studies, visual studies, and Korean aesthetics.
  • Position  Professor
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • Research Interests  Instructed SLA, Task-Based Language Teaching, Korean/English for Academic Purposes, L2 Vocabulary, L2 Research Methods (Meta-Analysis and Replication) and L2 Assessment
  • Major Fields  Korean Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
  • Office and office hours  #422 Humanities Building (Wednesday 14:00 - 17:00) +82-2-3277-4641
  • Homepage  http://www.ewha.ac.kr/ewhaen/academics/gsis_prof.do?mode=view&pId=1SJ3GC9UUknVHmtdrvkLgA%3D%3D
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    Dr. Youngkyu Kim is an applied linguist and second language acquisition (SLA) specialist, conducting research in acquisition, instruction, and assessment of Korean and English as a second language. He received his PhD in SLA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) (http://www.hawaii.edu/sls/). Prior to joining Ewha, he was Assistant Professor and Acting Director of the Korean Flagship Program at UHM (http://koreanflagship.manoa.hawaii.edu/). He is currently Professor in the Department of Korean Studies, Graduate School of International Studies. He served Ewha as Director of the Ewha Language Center and the Applied Linguistics Association of Korea as Vice President for International Cooperation. His research interests include instructed SLA, task-based language teaching, Korean/English for academic purposes, L2 vocabulary, L2 research methods (meta-analysis and replication) and L2 assessment. His recent publications appeared in domestic and international journals, including <korean education='' language=''>, <korean applied='' journal='' linguistics='' of=''>, <bilingual research=''>, <english teaching=''>, <foreign education='' languages=''>, <teaching a='' as='' foreign='' korean='' language=''>, <chinese applied='' journal='' linguistics='' of=''> and <tesol quarterly=''>. He is currently (co-)writing three textbooks on an introduction to Korean as a second language, research methods, and assessment. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new places and foods.</tesol></chinese></teaching></foreign></english></bilingual></korean></korean>
  • Position  Professor
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. Ewha Womans University
  • Research Interests  Korean Interlanguage Research, Discourse Analysis for Korean as a Foreign Language, Korean Speaking and Listening Education as a Foreign Language, Multi-language and Multi-culture Education
  • Major Fields  Korean language and Korean education
  • Office and office hours  Humanities Building #409 Contact number: 02-3277-2891 Consultation hours: Thursday & Friday (advance appointment)
  • Detail Info 
    Professor Haiyoung Lee, a former director of Ewha Language Center and of the Graduate School of Teaching Foreign Languages, is a professor of Korean study in the Graduate School of International Studies and the director of Korean Culture Research Institute at Ewha Womans University. She is working as a member of government group and some associations for development of Korean language and Korean education. She has been a president of Korean Society of Bilingualism, a vice- president of Korean Language Education Association, a consultant of policy advisory committee at Ministry of Education, a member of National Language Deliberation Council at Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, a member of Korean Teacher Qualification Deliberation, and a consultant and a leader of TOPIK scoring at Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation. 
    She published a lot of scientific books, study materials, and research papers: 『Study of Korean Learners’ Interlanguage』,『Multicultural Society of Korea』, 『Korean Discourse & Pragmatics Research for Foreign Learners 1: Extending the Boundary of Grammar』, 『Exciting Korean Listening』, 『Korean Grammar for Foreigners』, 『Korea Culture in the Daily Living 77』, 『Korean for Overseas Koreans』, 『Sejong Korean』, 『Mind-reading Korean Conversational Method 77』, and the like. Professor Lee also carried out numbers of projects, which were Thailand Secondary School Textbook Development, Korean textbook development and Korean language proficiency test model development for Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Vietnam Secondary School Korean Society Education Intensification, and Korean Educator of Southeast Asia, Oceania, Thailand, and Siberia Workshop project. She is conducting projects such as Baeum-ieum-teo for Foreign Specialists of Korean Language, Ewha-KF Global e-school for Korea Foundation. She won the commendation of 2013 Official Development Assistant, and of 2019 Overseas Korean Language Provision as a man of merit from the Ministry of Education
  • Position  Professor
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. Ewha Womans University
  • Research Interests  Second language acquisition (lexical and morphosyntactic acquisition), Language pedagogy, Korean curricular development, Korean teacher training
  • Major Fields  Second Language Acquisition
  • Office and office hours  #807 International Education Building (by appointment) +82-2-3277-6673
  • Homepage  http://www.ewha.ac.kr/ewhaen/academics/gsis_prof.do?mode=view&pId=acqNHufFdulNT2BulbqRsg%3D%3D
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    Her primary research goals are the investigation of the linguistic context of L2 acquisition variability and development of materials and programs in L2 Korean context. Her research interest includes (1) L2 Korean acquisition of case marking including case ellipsis, case alternation and case stacking; (2) L2 tense-aspect acquisition in the theory of Aspect Hypothesis and Discourse Hypothesis; (3) L2 phenomenon which has interface between syntax and semantics; (4) Developing Korean text books and teachers’ manuals (Sejong Korean 1~4, Teachers’ Manual of Korean Textbook 1~6 for Thai middle and highschool students) (5) Curriculum development for language specific and learner specific programs (Department of Korean, Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Korean linguistics course for Ewha-KF Global e-school)
  • Position  On-campus Adjunct Professor / Assistant Professor of Global Korean Studies
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. Harvard University
  • Research Interests  Modern Korean Literature & Culture, Korean Studies
  • Major Fields  Modern Korean Literature & Culture, Korean Studies.
  • Office and office hours  #804 International Educations Building (by appointment) +82-2-3277-6675
  • Homepage  http://home.ewha.ac.kr/kwon/
  • Detail Info 
    Kyong-Mi Danyel Kwon specializes in modern Korean literature and culture. She is interested in cultural theories, film studies, and gender issues. Some of her recent publications include “When Flowers Speak: the stories of kisaeng in Colonial Korea” (Comparative Korean Studies Vol. 21 No. 3); “The Billboards of Modern Nation and the Visual Adaptations of The Tale of Ch’unhyang in Colonial Korea” (Comparative Korean Studies Vol. 21 No. 2); and “2008 Candlelight Vigils and the Emergence of New Civil and Social Movements in Contemporary South Korea” (Collective Action: Selected Cases in Asia and Latin America, University of Colima Press & Utsunomiya University, 2011; coauthored). She is currently working on her first book project which examines the rebirth of a popular Korean folktale, 'The Tale of Ch’unhyang,' in Modern Korea in order to investigate the changing aesthetics of the Korean masses and the ways in which they envisioned modernity in light of the industrial and technological developments. After completing her B.A. degree in English Literature at Boston College, she received her M.A. degree in Korean Studies from Seoul National University and went on to obtain her Ph.D. degree in Korean Literature at Harvard University. Since joining Ewha in spring 2012, she has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses in cultural and literary theories, Korean diaspora, Korean media and culture, as well as North and South Korean literatures.
  • Position  Professor Emeritus
  • Alma Mater  Ph.D. Temple University
  • Research Interests  Korean religion, Korean philosophy
  • Major Fields  Religious studies, Korean studies