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Women of GSIS

women leaders of today
women leaders of today
women leaders of today


Women Leaders of Today

Ewha has produced outstanding women through the years who are now leaders and pioneers in their own fields and are bridging communities at the crossroads of the world.



    Development Cooperation, Ph.D. 2018 Deputy Executive Director of Academic Affairs (Asia Europe Institute, University of Malaya)

    The EWHA GSIS has helped shape my academic career tremendously. It was during my undergraduate studies at Ewha DIS (2006-2009) that I decided I wanted to pursue an academic career and thus it seemed only natural to return to Ewha and pursue my PhD at the Ewha GSIS. Studying in Ewha GSIS opened opportunities for me to build an international network that has continued to expand and contribute to my research but also to connect my students here in Universiti Malaya with an esteemed pool of international scholars that I have met during my studies in GSIS. The education and networking opportunities I was able to receive during my time in Ewha continues to benefit my career until today.

    As a university lecturer myself now, I have fond memories of my academic mentors in Ewha and they have all influenced my teaching style. For me, there would be nothing better in this academic career than to be remembered by students even half as fondly as I remember the professors at Ewha.


    International Relations, M.A. 2017 Researcher, Institute of Foreign Affaires and National Security

    I was a student with big but ambitious dreams. I used to have three goals in my life- be a professional in international affairs, succeed as a woman in a male-dominated society and become a laeder in the field, not knowing how to make this a reality until I attended Ewha GSIS. Ewha GSIS have showed me a clearer path to reach my goals by providing me with the required skills and numerous opportunities along the way. The high quality of education provided by the faculty staff, timely discussions about latest issues in international affairs opened my eyes to the realities of the world and helped me materialize my ambitious, yet not impossible, dreams.

    Frankly, the process is not easy. Countless nights were spent drowning in readings, preparing for presentations and writing papers it was all worth it. I especially admire the fact that in Ewha GSIS, you can always be yourself and that mistakes are seen as opportunities of improvement and growth. Also, the value of Ewha GSIS shines outside of school boundaries, because the fact of being an Alumni alone creates a window of opportunity to network in social life.



    International Business, M.A. 2016 CEO, FrontRow Global Limited

    I was given a handful opportunities to build a solid foundation on the business principles of accounting, marketing and business management through Ewha GSIS. I still remember my first class, Finance in International Business, which opened my eyes on the wonders and the complexities of this field of study. Learning different perspectives of accounting principles and other correlated topics helped me understand massively the basic structure of financial management and assisted me with the establishment of my business in the UK today.

    But out of all, Ewha GSIS has taught me the greatest lesson I still hold close today: the value of social responsibility in entrepreneurship. At the same time, the GSIS lecture series also added great value to my company in London by letting me understand what it means to manage an in- ternational team. I was able to learn from numerous high-profile guests who offered many years of experience in multinational organizations. I really appreciate my experience at EWHA GSIS and I miss the amazing professors and my friends, too!


    International Trade and Investment, M.A. 2017 Researcher, Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI)

    Even before entering Ewha GSIS, I have already dreamt of becoming a researcher in the international policy field though I am aware that in these demanding times, getting a master's degree does not guarantee a free pass on attaining one's career dreams and goals. One's skills and knowledge in both the academic and practical side are now being highlighted, which I thank Ewha GSIS for helping me prepare for.

    With the wide range of offered courses and lessons from Ewha GSIS, I was able to find more specific academic topics, debates, and issues and learn more about my own research interests, which became a great asset to me. The professors who are also academes and experts in their own fields have not only gave me comprehensive knowledge but have also provided me with practical lessons and guidance on how to design my future career with many useful advices. These competencies, I believe, are now my biggest strengths and will continue to be in the future to come.