EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY Graduate School of <br>International StudiesEWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY Graduate School of <br>International Studies

Student Council

The Student Council was primarily founded to assist you with your school life at Ewha GSIS and act as a bridge between students, Professors and the GSIS department. Next to helping students with their daily school life and administration, the Student Council also organizes various activities such as get-togethers, network opportunities, professional seminars and other social activities like sports events, workshops, picnics, potluck parties and so on.

Each year, the Student Council is chosen by the students through an open voting round. In total, it has three main positions which include the President, Vice President and Treasurer though there can be additional positions in the Student Council according to the needs of the current officers.

If there are any additional events you would like the Student Council to organize or any inquiries, please feel free to drop a message to the following e-mail address: ewha.gdis.sc@gmail.com

Ewha GSIS Student Council Constitution