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[공지] [GDIS] 2024-1학기 외국어성적 제출 안내 / English Proficiency Test Submission for Spring 2024

  • 작성일 : 2024-04-17
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  • 작성자 : GSIS

[국제학과 - Dept. of International Studies]

1. Submission period: June 10 (Mon.) - June 24 (Mon.) 5PM, to GDIS(Dept. Intl' studies)

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are undergoing the final screening for your thesis/dissertation this semester,  you will not be able to proceed with your screening if your English score is not submitted before June 7 (Fri.).

2. Required Document: English Proficiency Exam Score (or GSIS [8-1] application form) 

3. Details:

- “Official language proficiency test” refers to a formal TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, and IELTS test.

- Students who are “on leave” cannot submit, and will be accepted only when registered for coursework/research/thesis.

- This is a graduation requirement which is different from the English exam certificate that you submitted on admission.

- The period of validity: The test taken after July 1st, 2022 is applicable. 

- Minimum passing score for English proficiency test:









4. NOTE:

- Please note that only English Score Report in original hard copies will be accepted (For TOEFL, please refer below.)

- TOEFL: Submit either 'TOEFL transcripts in a sealed envelope (original)' OR 'a hard copy of the score report & request online institutional score reporting on the ETS website (Recipient: Ewha Womans University, Graduate School of International Studies, institution code: D673)'

- Foreign students whose countries’ native language is English can submit the “GSIS 8-1” application form in replacement of the English test result. (file attached) In case you are not sure if your countries' native language is English, please contact GSIS office before you submit the form. (Based on the internal discussion within the GSIS 2022, it was decided that students from a country where more than two native languages are spoken, have to submit an English Proficiency Test Result. (e.g. India, etc.))

- This is one of the graduation requirement, and if students do not submit the English test result on time will be limited on the following:

* Students who wish to write a thesis will not be able to go through the thesis screening procedure (thesis dissertation).

* Students taking the 3-credit track course will not be able to graduate.

5. Inquiry: GDIS (gdis@ewha.ac.kr)