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[공지] [GDIS] Spring 2024 Combined Program Qualification Exam Screening / 2024-1 국제학과 통합과정 자격시험 신청 안내

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Notice on Combined Program Qualification Exam Screening

► Eligibility

Combined students who have enrolled in 3 semesters or more and earned 38 credits that are required for Master’s coursework completion can apply for the qualification exam. (Combined program students should pass the qualification exam within 4 semesters after admitted to Ewha.)

► Due date: June 10 (Mon) - June 24 (Thur), 5PM 

Submit the [GSIS 7-1-3] form (attached) and original transcript to GDIS (via email (gdis@ewha.ac.kr) or by visiting the GDIS office (IEB #1102)) 

* Late submissions will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

► How to apply for Combined Program Qualification Exam Screening?

- For Combined Program Qualification Exam Screening, instead of having a paper-based exam, we proceed with document submission.

- Please fill out the attached form listing 3 courses for which you have received B0 or higher grade among your functional concentration requirements and concentration elective courses.

- Get your academic advisor’s signature. (Important)

(Approval email from professors on using their stamp in the office can be also accepted when its email is forwarded to GDIS.)

- Write down your own signature. (Important)

- Submit to the GDIS office by the deadline.

- Handwritten document will not be accepted.

► Inquiry

GDIS office (gdis@ewha.ac.kr)

※ Before submitting the form, please check again whether the courses you write down are among your functional [concentration requirements] and [concentration electives] courses. You can compare them by checking the curriculum in the student handbook. (Spring 2024 Handbook / 2024-1 국제학과 학사 핸드북 & and the handbook published on your admitted academic semester).