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[공지] (Visa) Certificate of Admission Application for Fall 2024 | 2024-2학기 표준입학허가서 신청 안내

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(This is a repost of the ISAT notice).

This notice is for current and returning students only.


We are accepting Certificate of Admission (CoA) applications from international students who require a new D-2 (study abroad) visa for Fall 2024. Please carefully read the instructions below and apply accordingly.


1. Eligibility: International students who meet any of the conditions below.

  • Currently on a leave of absence and planning to return in Fall 2024 (Please also refer to the notice regarding leave of absence and returning to school for Fall 2024, which will be posted on the notice board of this website in June)
※ Students who took a leave in their first semester and plan to return in Fall 2024 must complete tuition payment before applying for a CoA. Please individually reach out to us at gcmc@ewha.ac.kr for assistance.

  • Current visa has expired due to having been outside Korea for more than a year

  • Need a new D-2 visa for other reasons


2. Application Period: Monday, June 10, 2024, 9am – Friday, August 9, 2024, 5pm


3. Application Process: Apply online at https://surveyl.ink/coa_fall2024
Students are required to attach the following documents to their online application:
a) Copy of passport
b) Scanned bank balance certificate (minimum 20 million KRW)*
c) Proof of postage (e.g. DHL invoice) that shows that original copies of the bank balance certificate (and graduation certificate for first-time D-2 visa applicants) have been sent by post
d) (For first-time D-2 visa applicants after joining their current degree programme at Ewha) Scanned graduation certificate from the previous school attended*

  * Information for All Applicants

   - Original copies of your bank balance certificate and graduation certificate must also be submitted by post to the address below; write your student number on the certificates. Please attach proof of postage along with scanned certificates to your online application.


International Student Affairs Team, ECC B329,

52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu,

Seoul 03760 Republic of Korea (Phone: +82-2-3277-6989)


  * Important Information regarding Bank Balance Certificates

   - Certificates must have been issued under student's or parents' names within 20 days of the CoA application date (certificates issued under parents' names must be accompanied by a family relation certificate).

  - Students residing in Korea after completing the foreign resident registration process must submit a bank balance certificate issued under their own names at a bank in Korea.

   - Certificates issued at a bank in China must show a balance that is valid until September 30, 2024.

   - In case of banks located in China, only certificates issued at one of the following four will be accepted: Bank of China, China Construction Bank, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China

   - Bank balance certificates as well as family relation certificates must either be issued in Korean/English or translated into Korean/English and notarized.

  * Important Information regarding Graduation Certificates




4. Issuance Process: CoA issuance typically takes 5 to 7 business days after all required documents are submitted. A scanned copy of your CoA and the University’s business registration certificate will be sent to your email.


5. Important Notes: Students are asked to

  • keep in mind that CoAs are only issued during the application period. They will not be issued under any circumstances after the start of the semester; please ensure that your application is submitted within the application period.

  • submit their application ONLY if they need a new D-2 visa and plan to come to Korea in Fall 2024.

  • ensure all information on the application form is correct.

  • make sure that attached files can be accessed without error.

  • submit their application only ONCE to avoid delays.

  • note that CoAs are valid for 3 months upon issuanceIf you do not apply for a visa within 3 months, the CoA will be deleted.

  • note that the CoA and D-2 visa of students who fail to arrive in Korea by September 30, 2024 will be cancelled.

  • apply for a visa immediately upon receiving their CoA. Visa processing usually takes 3 to 4 weeks, but may vary among embassies.

  • inform the International Student Affairs Team at ewhaglobal@ewha.ac.kr should their travel plans change or are cancelled.

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